How to get your kids to eat their greens.

Is a question that I imagine has some manner of complex equation to figure out what food they will eat at any particular meal time. Something along the lines of:

colour + texture / nutritional value x effort taken to cook to the power of times eaten before = bollocks all chance of them eating it at any given time.

But there is one question at meal times that bugs me the most: “do you think he will eat it?”

“Well, no. Not now you have given him the idea he has some sort of choice in this.”

Personally, I have completely given up my child’s tastes and trying to accommodate them into a meal. Unless it is fish fingers, he changes his mind on a daily, if not hourly basis. What could be the favourite food of one day will get rejected with disdain the next. I am going for the hard-line approach of ‘here is your meal. Eat it, don’t eat it. There is nothing else and I will eat mine.’ His tuna was once fed to the cats because he called my bluff and failed.

At Christmas my parents were amazed that I was even bothering to put brussel sprouts in front of him. ‘He’ll never eat those’ they declared. ‘No idea if he will or will not but let’s not give him the idea they are not for eating, shall we?’ Yep he ate them. For almost a month we had him eating brussel sprouts in various forms but most often in the catch-all risotto. That child would eat anything in a risotto. Although present them to him now and he wouldn’t touch them covered in even the most tasty ketchup or even chocolate.

He went through a phase of only eating frozen peas and raw mushrooms. If they were cooked, he turned his nose up. This may have coincided with a bump to the head and playing doctor before eating said peas was the most fun he had all day with his toys. Whatever, he was getting greens.

Children will merrily eat crap off floors, playdoh, tissues and lick a bus window but when it comes to eating actual, cooked, healthy food it is a battle zone.  How to get your kids to eat greens? I haven’t got a clue but eating together has made for happier meal times even if half is left for tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “How to get your kids to eat their greens.

  1. Reblogged this on Thor and Turbo and commented:
    Yep, have to agree. My aim is to find options that are easier to make and that cut out a lot of rubbish. Then my kids have the option to eat or not to eat that night. 🙂 Let’s broaden their horizons, shall we?

    • My mother used to keep a picture of starving African children from the paper and pull it out if we refused to eat. Not entirely sure it was a successful technique.

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