The zero cost cushion.

There is a rule in my house since moth-gate: anything not worn in 6 months is taken to charity as it will never be worn. Twice a year we have a clear out of Summer clothes not worn after Summer and Winter clothes not worn after Winter. It seems to be working well so far and I have yet to think ‘damn it, where is that top I didn’t wear for 5 years?’

Instead, there is a small collection of sentimental clothing sat in the bottom of my drawers. 2 tshirts bought on honeymoon when I was a size 8 for about 3 weeks, 3 t shirts bought at gigs and one mini skirt that is my overall aim to fit back into. Hell, if I ever get back into that mini-skirt I will rejoice in having to buy a new wardrobe.

So, in the interests of de-clutter and reusing to make my home look nicer, I made one of the honeymoon tshirts I hoped to fit in again one day, into a cushion:

Bird CushionI love the repeat bird pattern detail on it.

I have not sewn with such stretchy fabric before and a few adjustments and tests needed to be done on the dinky machine first but a tight zigzag with no tension worked perfectly.

Cushion close upIt is actually proving a great lumbar support on the sofa and cost me not a penny. A good use of Friday night and an old tshirt.

What old fabrics have you got that could be turned into something for the home?


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