Kings Cross Shuffle

When planning a day trip in London for the wee people, it’s normally best to check that the destination you’re aiming for is actually open on the day you visit. Unlike me who just assumes that everything across London is open pretty much year round. Not the case when I arrived at the Canal Museum today to find it is closed on all Mondays that are not Bank Holidays. I take it as a sign that I am destined to never visit the place. We used to live nearby and never made it despite numerous attempts that tended to end up in pub crawls as those were pre-child days.

Thankfully, Kings Cross has a hub of places to entertain kids so we pottered down to the nearby VX to grab some food for a picnic. Even if you’re not vegan, this place is worth stopping by for some tasty goods if you’re in the area. It’s a small place, not good for prams but very welcoming. There used to be a short cut through the back of Kings Cross Station to our next destination, Camley Street Nature Park, but the ongoing gentrification of the area meant that was cut off and we had to schlep around St Pancras past all the building sites. This was pretty much the highlight of my son’s morning as he looked on in awe at all the diggers, cranes and dumper trucks in full swing.

ponds We had our scran by the ponds and then went and lay belly-flat looking out for dragon-fly and tadpoles. None were forthcoming so onwards we walked around the park. It’s best to either not take the buggy or leave it by the volunteers hut.

When I first visited Camley Street  many years ago, it was a eden of tranquility. Sadly, all the ongoing works around the park have massive amounts noise pollution seeping through. Not so good for listening to the bird song under the biodome, but not a problem for a toddler who wanted to name each sound.

wild flowersWe did have great fun following the trails and trying to spot beetles, bees, birds and bats. The place is well thought out and sign posted for things to look out for and hints to find them. It would probably have more of an air of tranquility on a weekend but then that would have taken away part of the fun for the boy.

Guess the beastie game

Our plan after this was to head for Corams Fields but the heavens opened and so we headed home to hunker down away from the wet until Summer deigns us with its presence once more.


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