Curtains for £1

Today I made curtains for £1. Yep. One pound. Okay they are not the greatest curtains (or curtain) to ever grace a room, I can admit that but still, they only cost £1.


The main bird pattern fabric I picked up in Ikea ages ago for £1. Ikea is sometimes a gold mine for cut offs dirt cheap, there is a big bin of fabric in the little seconds room at the end of the store. Normally, everyone is too angry by that point of the store to even notice a Seconds room but if you can regain composure after the obligatory row by the plant pots about the amount of stuff in the trolley, there are some good finds to be had at the end of the warehouse. I’d originally bought this to use in my son’s room as a wall hanging but never got around to the ‘hanging’ bit. As such it was a little too short for the window but I had saved the cut-offs from our own bedroom curtains and the purple went well with the patterned fabric so I sewed them both together.


Then for the curtain hooks, I did have some spare clip ones but I thought it would look more colourful and fun for my son’s room to use ribbon instead.

IMG_0035These didn’t cost me anything as I’d salvaged them from various packaging over the past couple of years thinking they would come in use one day. In fact, I think both of them came from new baby baskets gifted to welcome my son into the world. I did have a bit of DIY to do unscrewing the curtain pole from the ends but the whole thing went up easily and matches in the with decor of the rest of the room.

Also cleared off my long-standing to-do list was bunting for my son’s room. He’s been after some for about a year, he loves the stuff. In fact, I bought some cheap car-print fabric for the job over a year ago and never got around to it. The arrival of the new sewing machine meant I could throw off the dust and get this done.

IMG_0022I got some lovely striped ribbon from the Ray Stitch store in Islington yesterday, which cost £5 and a few extra bits of material, which also cost £5. All in all my son’s room got a lovely make-over for £11 and a very enjoyable day of sewing.

In fact, I loved some of the fabric so much that I may go back to Ray Stitch later to get more to update our living room soft furnishings.



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