Dust off the Death outfit, there’s another fancy dress party coming up.

A friend of mine is having a fancy dress birthday celebration in a few weeks. The theme? Your favourite feminist. I like it, it’s thought-provoking and makes you really put some thought into what you wear. Much better than my usual ‘I’m Death from Sandman‘, which normally returns a ‘huh?’.

So I am trying to figure out who to go as and how to express that in my outfit. My immediate thought was, ‘Oh I’ve had my hair done, I can go as Dita Von Teese’. This lasted for about a second before giving myself a mental smack for confusing Post-Feminism with anything that genuinely does something to promote equality. It was for about a second and I was mostly wanted to find a person to dress as which used what I had in my wardrobe and incorporated my hair and copious eye liner.

I am thinking something along the lines of Eve Ensler, writer of the Vagina Monologues. But really, can you imagine that request for props on Facebook? ‘Er.. anyone got a spare vagina I can borrow?’ I shudder to think the response I may get, and get a spare vagina I invariably would, but my imagination is vomiting as I type. I could always knit a vagina to attach to some clothing, maybe numerous? I am building up the courage to search for a pattern on Ravelry right now.

Thinking of other women who have genuinely inspired me; Ina May Gaskin would be one. Again though, hunting out a grey wig and nurse outfit is probably not a problem but ‘Hey, anyone got a spare doll I can cart across London on a night out? It’s got to fit in my bag so I only look crazy to nosy people on the way home.’

I then remembered that Kate Winslet once said that she would not allow Women’s magazines and gossip rags in the home because it would give her daughters a false body image. I could possibly pull off Kate Winslet.  That in turn reminded me of this great male comedian I saw in the upstairs of a pub in Camden a few years ago. He was the photo-editor of GQ when someone super-photoshopped Winslet for the cover. Be damned if I can Google his name right now, but he was incredibly funny and the whole argument of his set was to turn the audience in feminists. I think it did quite well at Edinburgh. Not well enough to Google apparently.

While trying to find out this guy’s name for my own curiosity, I came across this picture, which made me change my tack:

Maybe I could go as Bill Bailey? Bill Bailey in eyeliner? Could it work?

Chances are I will end up being lazy in my fancy dress once more and just go as Brody Dalle:

All and any suggestions welcome. This may need more thought.


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