It was D-Day for nappies today. The boy’s last nappy fell off in Tesco earlier this evening and I couldn’t be bothered to put another one on. We both agreed that was it – good bye nappies. I raise my cup of earl grey to the stirling job they have done over the past two years of wrapping up the poo and wee.

I estimate that the small collection of cloth nappies has saved me a fair bob along the way. They cost £150 with all the crap you need with them such as bucket, netting and wet bag. I suspect the wet bag is named so because it will get everything else in your bag wet with wee. I gave up and used carrier bags in the end. Taking into account that it took an extra load of wash the once in a while I cared to run them through separately and not with my husband’s sports stuff, I reckon over the two years they have save me around £500. Maybe more.

There were downsides to cloth nappies. Mostly the washing part. They did stink up pretty badly when my son was teething but then so did the disposables; he did seriously strong wee that could have probably cut through metal. Nothing that good old white vinegar didn’t sort out. Is there nothing that white vinegar cannot do?

And now the last of the nappies are sitting in a bucket waiting for one final wash before being resigned to the loft for all eternity. Or until I get around to trading them in or a pigeon decides to nest in them.

We are going for the cold-turkey method of potty training. He ain’t getting those things back so had better learn to poo in the loo fast. Nor am I sitting at home for the next week. Kitchen roll is my new best friend.

I breathe a sigh of relief for the end of the nappies and am slightly envious of the choice of undercrackers my son has now. Seriously, Superman pants?  Yes please.


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