This was the year we were to embrace frugal living, clear debt and seriously consider our house-buying options. It has not gone to plan.

It started well. I got a new job that paid more than childminding and meant I could hold a conversation past 10pm without having to yawn. Heck, I have even started staying up past midnight once in a while. I am a night-owl that needs sleep. Mornings do not agree with me, lack of sleep less so.

We acquired an allotment, which is as rare as a lottery win in London. It’s a lot of work but should save us money in the long term.


Here is the allotment in March. There is still a lot of work to be done and we have found various nests of beasties that need moving.

Then we went to Australia. Our year of frugal living kind of ended there. Australia is quite possibly the most expensive place in the world. And yes, we have been to Oslo. It was ruddy beautiful though.

516There were some pretty amazing beaches and the sun shone for almost half the time there.  Worth every penny.

I also got to do some photography practise and got to grips with a few more of the features on our big family camera. Something we haven’t done yet. So being frugal as in making the most of what we have in the home. Here is my proud sunset shot over Sydney Harbour.


Then there is the little thing of childcare to account for. Oh and my son turning 2 so his growth spurted his way out of all his clothes and that was the end of the hand-me-downs so we had to invest in some more. Which kind of makes this all so far not such a frugal year.

Toilet training starts in two days so I am hoping that will cut down on washing cloth nappies, which should pay for the trip to Barcelona planned for August and Shetlands in September. Sort of. This is starting to sound like bad maths again without taking into account the cheapness of those breaks. Budget I shall!

As I type this there is a loaf of homemade bread baking in the oven for the fraction of the cost and multiple of taste of the shop bought. I have had some great charity shop finds to supplement my wardrobe recently and we rarely waste any of the veg box. I even saved some money this month. That felt good.

Besides, I think that having a child is actually saving me money for every night that I can’t go to the pub is money not over the bar.


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