Internet Fury

My internet is so infuriatingly slow that I want to punch the damn thing in the face. This is the same internet that over the past year has simply disappeared for days on end without warning, four times over. That is four prolonged periods with no online access at home to enable me to run a business or do any basic work. Everything suffers when the internet goes down.

It leads me to believe that I have an over-reliance on the internet but that is just the way the world works. Another way that the world works is that companies seem to be able to charge you a fee for a service and not actually provide the basics of that service.

We pay for a high speed broadband and I think it is fair to say that we do not get the download speeds for which we are paying. Oh sorry, that is ‘up to’ a speed. Pay more for faster internet but actually not get it depending on your location. Why can’t companies just be honest about what they can and cannot provide? They might get more customers because they know what they are and are not paying for from the outset rather than be promised something which cannot be delivered.

Take, for instance, our internet outage this time around. The internet simply turned off at 3pm last Thursday. We checked all our equipment and figured that because this happens quite a bit with Talk, Talk that it would come back within an hour or so, if not over night. Yes, this happens so often that we cannot bear to sit through their call centre customer service we just accept it as the norm, even though we pay for a continuous service.

The next day, I call the customer services and start going through their checks. They then want me to start plugging wires into computers and other such things that I don’t actually know where such hardware is kept so get my husband to call back later. They don’t want him to do any of the tests that I couldn’t complete earlier but instead want him to get tools out, take the phone line off the wall and start testing wires.

We then have to go out and buy a new splitter for the phone line and a new connection wire for the router to make sure it isn’t either of those things that have gone wrong. It wasn’t either of those things and we were £20 out of pocker. We call back. More tests are run, although none which they tried to get me to do on the first call, no idea as to why.

Then we are told that we need an engineer.

We ask why they cannot send a new router to rule out that problem but here we enter a Catch-22. They cannot send a router (cost £0) before sending an engineer. We will be charged £50 if the problem is anywhere other than on the BT rented line, including if that problem is on the router. At which point my husband questions why we should foot the bill if their router is faulty or the engineer call out in any case.

It gets worse.

The next available appointment for an engineer to come out is over a month away. A month. Without internet. Without being able to fulfill work commitments, run a business or generally get the service we are paying for each month. We are told we can request compensation and they will waive the call out charge as a goodwill gesture. We told them it was breach of contract and we wanted to cancel the contract.

Someone from the UK was to call back the next day to discuss the problem. Funnily enough, after being told it was not a phone line problem and that there were no other problems in the area, the internet magically returned during the phone call the next day. Like the internet fairies heard our plea. I am a little cynical about what we were told by Talk Talk. More so because this is our fourth week-long outage in a week

We have internet, just crappy internet but I guess we should be grateful for actual working internet that we are paying for. Talk Talk can sponsor as many online parenting sites as they wish; this is not the company for families with little time who just want things to WORK.


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