Post-Christmas relaxtion

We were in deepest, foggiest Cornwall last week with sporadic internet and no phone connection. This was after my husband had taken all the chargers in the flat on a work trip abroad. So I was essentially cut off from the modern world for around a week. It was bliss. Not so great for work-related opportunities but for re-centering myself it was exactly what I needed.

We were in Cornwall for a wedding. After I had gotten over the whole wedding on a Wednesday in Cornwall during January where no kids were initially invited, it turned out to be a superb mini-holiday post-Christmas.

Fort View

The wedding was in the middle of nowhere, set in a historic fort on the edge of the country. This was the view from the garden, which was spectacular. It was also a crazy journey there down single track country lanes, in pitch black and fog that was of a horror film. A wrong turn endured us to a many-point turn and thankfully a very patient toddler who seemed to understand silence was most important at this point.

Fort Frolic

Yet, we made it there safely and returned with a rough plan for a Summer escape with some of the friends we shared the cottage with last week.

Having had a week of escapism, I was very much ready for the start of my yoga course tonight. It turns out I am actually rather good at yoga. I didn’t get corrected once and even got into the flow of things.

We all had to introduce our yoga levels at the start of the class, given that this is not one for beginners. I was a little embarrassed to say that my only yoga experience was really on the wii fit, aside from my pregnancy yoga.

Little did I realise how good my pregnancy yoga teacher was because while I didn’t know any of the names for the moves, I did recognise the pregnant-versions which we were taught in our class.

I used to get giggling fits in my pregnancy yoga classes and tonight during relaxation brought back a whole host of memories of 10 heavily pregnant women, sticking their butts in the air and shaking them about before being wrapped up in blankets on their sides for breathing techniques.

It almost belittles how great that class was during my pregnancy. I went into it to do some sort of exercise and came out of them with a whole different attitude to pregnancy. I did spend most of my relaxation time thinking up coherent arguments to convince my husband that home birth was the best option during the first few months; then after he had read up on the subject, I used the time to mentally go a bit postal about my unnecessarily stressful job situation.

From the first class, I was hit with a new perspective of childbirth. Amazing given my very first class involved no yoga at all and one of the most extreme birth stories I could have heard but it gave me the insight that if that was the worst it could be, I could deal with it. I went from crapping it about birth, thinking I would take any painkiller going, to wanting a wholly natural birth. They were how antenatal classes should be. And they sorted out all my aches and pains.

I only realise now that it was laying the foundations for proper yoga. Not wii fit or gym-class yoga but actual flowing, thoughtful yoga. I’m never going to be into the chanting and bell-ringing side of it but I do feel more energised and focused from just my first class and am ready to take it as far as I can go.

I would also recommend that any pregnant women in the N8 area of London, or within accessible distance should check out Birthwise Yoga for the best experience during pregnancy. Anna, the teacher, is wonderful, down-to-earth and really cares about everyone in the class. I didn’t realise until tonight just how special a yoga teacher she is and how much a teacher makes a difference. My teacher tonight was great, really encouraging and very much worth the time, make no mistake but it really shows the when there is a level of understanding from a teacher. I don’t think I can ever go to gym yoga again.


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