The App Is Back

The fitness app is back in my life.
A few weeks ago, my husband went on a night out with his best mate. He text me at 9pm to say that the friend was staying over and could I please have a quick whizz around the flat. My vision of that Friday night did not include scrubbing out the loo at 10pm but that is a tangent I don’t need to relive.

The next morning, his friend starting counting up the drinks they’d consumed the night before. Curious as to why, I took a stab in the dark that he had started using the fitness app that I was trying out when I first started this blog. It turns out he was and wanted to know how I knew.

“The only time I have ever kept track of my drinks on a night out, other than teenage exaggeration, was when I was tracking the calories.”

“How’d it work out for you?”

“I lost most of my weight when I stopped worrying about that thing and just exercised.”

Since then my husband managed to convince me to give it another go. I put on 2lbs and got annoyed at the thing. But I can see what he is eating in the day and give encouragement for his goals, which is a good thing.

Although, the app does make me aware of what I am eating in the day and I have hunted out some quite lovely alternatives to cake and chocolate.

Also, it supported my view that if the Government really, genuinely want to cut down on binge drinking, especially with young women, then all they need to do is clearly show in massive red numbers the amount of calories in the alcoholic drinks. Suffice to say my evening glass of wine is now something of a treat.



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