It is my big 2-9 today. I probably don’t need to point out that my birthday has been one of nappy changes, washing pots and cleaning up. I did catch the bus to Euston to meet my husband earlier too, which was a bad idea. Busy London places in the Summer seems to turn me into a horrible person. The rage rises, civil behaviour goes out of the window and it all seems to pass off onto the boy too, who spent the 45 minutes travel time screaming about everything. It is ok, nothing can be as bad as last year’s birthday.

So my birthday actually began at 6pm when my husband came home from work. I have a cup of tea, knitting on knee, Eastenders and a film ahead of me, plus Cava, vegan pizza and a Ms Cupcake Chilli Chocolate in thr fridge. Bliss.

Last night I went in search of a specific photo of myself from when I was 17. It is one of my favourite photos, queueing up to meet a band at a signing in Manchester. I was with my future husband and our friends, I was smiling – happy to have my photo taken, my hair looked cool for a 17-year-old and it was a generally happy time.

I was reminded of it because on Sunday, I went in search of some new hair stuff for my husband while he cleaned the flat. I came across a tub of Black and White wax, my wax of choice from the ages of 16 to 20ish to create the look below. Opening that tub on Sunday, with one waft of the wax, brought back a flood of memories from my time in Bradford and the early years of my relationship with the man who I would later marry.

I couldn’t find the photo; it is safely packed away in an album somewhere with some other treasures but I did find this:

Here I am, aged 16, meeting Tarrie B, one of the few women in rock when I was an impressionable young woman. This was also my first guest list blag for the gig later that night. Funny aside to the photo is that my husband also saw the band on this tour and got whacked in the face with a microphone by said woman in rock.

I do miss my spikes but there is only so long you can reasonably get away with such an extravagent hair-do. I also miss that Tank Girl t shirt. Although, I did wear it to death.

I am quite proud that I have some fun photos to show my son of the hijinks we used to get up to as teenagers.

I also met my husband around a month after this photo was taken. We’ve been together 13 years this year.

Next year is the big one. I am already saving for the Glastonbury tickets for a full family celebration.


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