You never know…

This post is something of a procrastination. mostly because my laptop has decided that today will be the day it doesn’t want to do anything at great speed and I want to lob the entire thing out of my second storey window and watch in glee as it shatters at speed across the street. Probably the only thing it will do at a normal speed all day.

Instead I am getting increasingly frustrated as it wastes my precious nap-time free time with circles of death, persistent notices from Java and Adobe that regardless of how many times I update, there they reappear the next day with something new. Once a year is enough for an update, not several times a day. Not to mention that as I type at a normal rate, my computer slowly follows like  a puppy more interested in sniffing mouldy crisp packets on the floor.

I am probably in need of a new laptop but there are more pressing things to spend my non-existant money on instead. Adding to this list is also our toaster, which has started acting a little funky. Turning on when the toast has popped is not a good sign of a healthy long-life machine.

Adding insult to injury is that tickets for ATP’s A Nightmare Before Christmas go on sale tomorrow morning. Curated by Shellac and possibly one of the most child-friendly festivals (that and Supersonic), means that I had planned on heading out to Camber Sands this year. Sure it would be a slightly different festival to the last ATP I attended; sleeping in a car at 5am, crammed on top of my husband in the passenger seat with feet across the dashboard, trying to stop giggling.

However, until I have a confirmed regular income to cover my share of the bills this is one that I will have to resign to another year. Again. It is a shame because I would have counted that as a holiday and would have roped in other friends with kids who like music and we all could have had a big night out between us.

You never know, I might win the lottery.


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