My weekend has been a bit of a mixed bag for various reasons. I had been let down on a couple of plans given that my mother-in-law had kindly offered to come help while my husband was away. It was less that plans changed and more that I felt I had been forgotten and my social life outside of Mum-club has come to a bit of a stand still.

I’ve been a bit sensitive about this in recent weeks anyway after various events but more so after this weekend just gone. It reminded me that it is really only family who you can rely upon and therefore you should always put them first to show your appreciate of their putting you first.

I know this sounds like a bit of a downer post and I was incredibly upset this morning but my spirits were lifted later in the day with an outing to London Green Fair with my mother-in-law and son. We bought seeds and plants, talked to some very lovely people and I met other parents with the same sort of outlook that I had. I took good humour at the organisers placing the Arnica stand next to the NHS Cancer Awareness stand. I am now fully stocked up on washing up liquid samples from Ecover and ate a disgusting amount of Creole Mud Pie which was evil in its deliciousness.

This week my son and I will be planting herbs, salads and other window box veg which will grow alongside the strawberries. We will be celebrating two birthdays and my very understanding husband will be home later tonight to help make me feel better about some of the less happy things from the weekend.

I took inspiration from River Cottage Veg on More4 this evening and made up our meal planner based on our organic veg box contents to help make best use of it and save some money on my spur of the moment meal planning. We have a well-balanced meal week ahead and I have prepared an iron-rich breakfast to kick start our family week, which is soaking now ready for tomorrow morning.

No more junk food, no more last minute wondering what I can shove in front of my son for tea. I might even attempt soda bread after the football tomorrow. I am just simply looking forward to the return of my husband and to put my Desperate Housewives watching to an end.


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