Yesterday was a day of acheivements. I ran 5.5km during the morning. The last time I ran that distance was 4 years ago while fundraising for Cancer Research. I remember specifically it took 36 minutes and feeling very disappointed as I had clearly not put inthe training, having done 10k the year before in a decent time.

I’m not great at running. I don’t put enough salt on my food and tore all my knee ligaments a few years back. I could barely walk. I didn’t run at all when pregnant and only twice in the past year. So I was over-joyed to see that yesterday’s run had not only been such a distance but that I did my 5k in 37 minutes. Woop!

I only went out with the intention of seeing how many songs I could run non-stop for and then walk-run back home. Seems it was quite a few. Same again tomorrow.

If that was not all, my husbnand annouced he needed a hat for Download this weekend, given the bad weather. So I raided my stash and knocked one up in 4 hours over last night and this morning. It’s not the best thing I have ever made but it still felt like completing an impossible task. No photo of this as he has taken it with him to the festival about 30 seconds after I finished weaving in the ends.


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