Long term goal block.

I am working on a few long term projects at the moment. The ones that seem to drag on at times with never an end in sight. The same might be said for my body image goal. Illness combined with a busy life has meant my time for fitness has subsided to nothing. Writing seemed to be a drag as well. I needed some quick tasks that I could start, finish and feel a sense of accomplishment to kick start enthusiasm for some of the longer term goals.

So I made my son this hat.

Crochet is admittedly not my strongest crafty skill but it was immensely satisfying to not only complete something in a short space of time but to also correctly follow a crochet pattern and understand it.

One of the other long-term projects I am working on is a crochet throw for my sofa. That really is a test of my attention span and will power to see it through.

The other upside of the warm. wooly hat is that the day I finished it, we had that glorious sunny spell. This weekend my son got to wear the hat while we stood getting damp by the Tower of London waiting to get a quarter inch glimpse of the Queen’s flotilla. I’m the least royalist person I know but my husband convinced me it would be good to take our son to at least one event in London this Summer. It convinced me that taking him through the throngs of tourists again this year will be a silly idea.

On a slight side from this, the double bank holiday has resulted in my husband taking the whole week off so this afternoon I can go for a run to kick start my long term goal to fit back into my mini-skirt. There are even some sunny spells outside and my ipod is charging up with new music.


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