If It Ain’t Broke

I am something of an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ person. I’m not afraid of trying new things but sometimes sticking to what you know works is the best thing to do. When it comes to my beauty regime, I like to try new things but often find that that system I already have in place is just right for me. Occassionally I will discover something new to add to my make up and product stash. Occassionally.

Recently, I could not find my usual black hair dye anywhere. I use Nice and Easy natural black. It does what it claims, dyes my hair black and that’s it. I don’t worry about it until my roots become unsightly. Only I have struggled to find this in the past few months so have resorted to an alternative.

First I used Boots own-brand permanent colour.

A bit of a misnomer there as it washed out in around 12 washes. I was not impressed. I previously had pink and red hair, I certainly did not dye my hair black with the expectation of it going a boring shade of brown. A total waste of money, time and stains in the bathroom.

Still not able to find my beloved black dye, I tried L’Oreal Feria Mystic Black Which has fared better.  I liked the original dye colour but 4 washes later and it is fading fast.

So I am once again on the search for the long lasting black of Nice & Easy. I think I  have given my hair enough of a battering colour-wise for now.

Then my lovely MAC Studio Fix foundation was getting low. This has excellent coverage and with a loose powder on top, stays put all day.

Aside from an issue with the pumps breaking with every bottle, this is a great every day foundation. It doesn’t give me spots either and blends well with my very fair and freckled skin tone,

Yet, as I was walking past Benefit I saw that they had a new foundation. Having found that their Brow Zings had lasted for well over a year and gave me the best eyebrows I’ve ever had, I thought why not give it a go.

Their new Hello Flawless foundation is a little on the oily side. It applies well and does give great coverage but its lasting power is not the best.

I have to consistently re-apply during the day, which I am not a fan of having to do and I have found it slightly greasy on my skin. Although it has not given me any spots, which is a bonus. It feels lighter than the MAC but simply is not as good. I would liken it to the much more affordable Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.

This last about the same length of time on the skin but is a fraction of the price. Benefit are normally reliable for quality of product but I was a tad disappointed that their Hello Flawless was so similar to the Bourjois. On the other hand, I would absolutely recommend the Bourjois if looking for a more affordable version.

Benefit is mostly relied upon for the lasting value of its products. I have been using their Dandelion blusher for years. My latest pot, which I use daily, has been on the go for at least 2 years now.

While I am talking about products that give great value for money, I should mention that the REN Morrocan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish only ran out this morning.

I have had that baby for almost a year, using at least once a week, more when my stretch marks were more prominent. It works wonders. I love it and will be off to by a new pot shortly.

Aside from MAC Liquidlast Liner, this is the one product I hope to never discontinue as it is now the staple of my beauty bag.


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