Procrastinating Away.

It has been a while. Writing has made way for business development and general exhaustion. Not helped by the power cable for my laptop being a bit dodgy so my evening of tapping away has become an evening of watching utter rubbish on TV.

For 18 months, my husband and I lived quite happily and willfully without TV. Much to the amusement of those around us who didn’t quite understand why we would not own a TV. I think we talked more, read more and were generally happier. Heck, we certainly did more.

That is not to say we didn’t watch any programmes, we were just more selective about what we did watch. Marathon runs of Curb Your Enthusiasm got me through early days of pregnancy, Eastenders has always been a stalwart of my week but I could choose when to watch, not sit through the interminable One Show while waiting for it to air.

Now, after putting our son to bed, we sit with our tea in front of the telly. We watch rubbish show after rubbish show on the 7 channels we have. Yes, we may have caved to TV but have not caved to many channels of nothing to watch.

I have lost the plot with kids TV shows and now that is about to be banned. I wish I had never included In The Night Garden into the bedtime routine. Frankly, if the TV were to pack up I think I would be quite thankful. I would probably get more done.

From discussions with other people, it seems we do not actually watch that much TV. We are more film fans than anything else. So this week, you can probably feel my pain that in one day I had to sit through seven hours, yes seven hours of Britain’s Got Talent. I think I have lost many brain cells this week. It was all in the name of work, I was transcribing for use in another production.

It reminded me of the heady TV-free days where we listened to music, played music and wrote about music. Wrote a lot more about a lot of subjects. Plus having a child makes me realise how much free time I can use well in a day rather than whittle away with rubbish. I could write a book rather than read one, finish one of my many craft projects or learn a language.

So we have decided to become a family of completer-finishers, not least because seeing tasks through will set a good example to our son. I have finished a wall hanging, which is waiting to be hung in my son’s room. It also reminded me why I was putting it off; the sewing machine needs a good hit with a hammer multiple times and replacing with a better one. I am also a quarter of a way through the never ending crochet throw to make the food-covered sofa look more attractive. I have even plotted out my book and freelance work is picking up.

Life is much brighter without TV.


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