Appreciation and Gratitude.

All respect to the single mum. Both my husband and I were brought up in single-parent families and to say that has had an effect on us is an understatement. We are determined that whatever life throws at us, we will face it as a team. Our son will not have the same childhoods that we did.

That is not to say our mums did a bad job, quite the contrary. But how they must have juggle, struggle and been exhausted. My husband went on holiday for 4 nights. I am not suggesting 4 nights can compare to bringing a child up on your own but it certainly gave me an insight of just how much hard work it is.

I did everything for 5 days, with no outside help. By the time I had done bedtime, made my tea and cleaned up it was past 10.30 and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. The house has descended into something of a state because there was no time to clean – really clean. Let alone the frazzled state of my mind, used to getting a few hours to unwind each evening and do a little knitting or writing.

My friends invited me to spend time with their families on Saturday because weekends without your partner seem to be the lonliest of times. I filled my time in the days as well as I normally do, seeing people, getting out and about. In the evenings, I was too tired to move.

There are times when I feel a little underappreciated at home. I wasn’t built to be a housewife and when I work, it seems to be more my responsibility to do the housewifery because my business is run from home. Yet, feeling under-appreciated doesn’t come close to how much I value my husband and can now see that I shouldn’t take that for granted after a few days on my own.

I wonder, if perhaps the same in reverse might be an interested test. One which I might take up later in the year and take a few days off on my own to knit, write, listen to music and drink a cold glass of wine.




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