Weight Goal

My wii fit weight loss goal is this coming Sunday. Apart from a 7lb loss after the big house move, I seem to be fluctuating around the 10st mark. I would have had to have lost 10lbs in the next week to hit the goal, so it has been adjusted. I now have 2 weeks to lose 6lbs and keep the weight off. After that, no more weighing.

My real-life goal is to fit into a skirt I have worn but twice and to dare to bare my legs this Summer. Thanks to the erratic evening exercise and traipsing up and down hills I can now fit into a size 12 skirt not worn since pre-pregnancy and my legs are looking better than they have since I could run more than a mile.

The wobble-belly is still there but slowly shrinking. Slowly, slowly. At least I don’t feel as down about it now. The stretch, sorry life-marks are another matter. They have faded, yes, but you can’t unstretch a rubber band like stomach skin.

I believe that drinking less tea and coffee has also helped. I realised I was making my way through way too much and it was probably sucking all the iron out of my body thus making me tired rather than envigorated.


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