A bit of ‘Us’ time.

My husband and I have been long overdue some time to ourselves. To have a conversation that is not about the boy, cleaning the flat or how our separate days were. We needed to have a little fun and get a little silly. It wasn’t quite the raucous day out that we’d had planned for last weekend but we still appreciated the sun and beer.

We headed to the Black Heart in Camden to watch Wino & Conny Ochs in a dark, smelly room with some folks we’ve not seen for a while.

Went to Brew Dog, just down the road where I had such high hopes and they were sadly dashed.

We hopped over to Angel for a birthday, then tried to get into a sold out gig at The Lexington before going to the cinema at 11pm. By heck, when did the cinema get so expensive? I don’t think we will be doing that again in a hurry.

The bus then took us home to our beds and we got some much needed sleep. My Mother-in-Law looked after the boy and made us breakfast this morning. They have now gone out for a walk on the Heath while I take advantage of the time to myself to get on with some writing.

A little bit of child-free time can do wonders.



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