We have just returned from hospital and put our little boy to bed. His canula fell out when we left the hospital this morning so we all had to go through the trauma of him having a new one inserted this evening. It is completely and utterly heartbreaking. We tried our best to soothe him and keep him distracted from what was happening but anyone who has gone through this will know how fruitless that is. My whole body retracted when he started screaming. Thankfully the doctor found the vein first time and it wasn’t an hour like last night.

He cheered up when he was presented with carrot sticks and oat cakes plus a massive hug from Mum and Dad. The treatment didn’t take as long either and we were out of there sooner than expected. We received lots of smiles from a little girl, not much older than my son, who was receiving chemp treatment. That broke my heart almost as much as the pain my own child had just gone through. Seeing seriously ill children can put your own woes into perspective.

While we may have a family bout of tonsilitis confirmed, we are all here as a family and there is that to be thankful about. Plus the speed at which the infection was dealt with. Not a second since we saw the Registrar last night has gone by that I have not thought about how we very nearly were discharged without seeing her and it wasn’t the rash that she was going to be checking out; the rash had already been passed off as nothing to worry about.

I know we don’t know what the virus is yet, if it is something serious we will probably know tomorrow when we return for further treatment. Else we have to wait until Monday for confirmation. Right now we are trying to unwind from our unexpected weekend.


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