Let Me Eat Cake.

After the wii fit told me that I have put on another 2lbs since yesterday I am taking a new tact and only weighing myself once a week and on a morning. According to that thing I have put on 4lbs this week. 4lbs?! How the hecky-thump have I done that?

I pick up my 25lb-plus son constantly throughout the day, I hike up and down hills to either Crouch End or Highgate at least once a day, I drag the pram plus child up lots of steps, I exercise and I eat well. I am vegan for goodness sake. Cereal for breakfast, salad or sandwich for dinner and some manner of cooked vegetable loveliness for tea. I don’t tend to snack or eat processed junk food. I want to but I don’t.

Plus, I have given up cake for lent and am spending my cake-wanting time staring at all the lovely pictures on the Ms Cupcake facebook page. I have ordered my son’s first birthday cake from there ready for Easter Monday and I cannot wait to gorge.




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