Real Nappies

When I was pregnant I was adamant that I would use real nappies and I was met with laughter and derision at pretty much every turn. There were so many nappy choices out there that I didn’t know where to start. Not only that but the lack of support I received from friends who were new mums and family stopped my investing in these nappies from the very start.

I was encouraged to just buy disposables and that they were so much easier. Why make life more difficult for myself? So on and so forth.

For the first 6 weeks I did in fact use disposables and then someone nice told me about Real Nappies for London and through there I received some wonderful advice from the Real Nappy angel The Nappy Lady.

A bit of trial and error later I found the right sort of nappies that work for both me and my son and I have never looked back. I am still met with derision at times and bafflement as to why I would make my life more difficult by using real nappies but I let it wash over me. For me, these are my new obsession, finding new nappy systems every so often, new covers that look so cute and I have saved to date over £1000. That includes the washing of the nappies.

I don’t quite understand why everyone is so stuck in this narrow mindset about what real nappies are these days. They are no longer a terry cloth and safety pin with soaking, rinsing, nappysan and the rest. I pull out the wet insert and replace it with a nice soft, clean one and stick the mess into the pail. I wash them every other day with whatever else I put in the machine and once a month they get a good going over at 60 degrees. Not exactly a big time consumer.

Even my husband can use them and appreciates taking the bin out once in a blue moon rather than the three times a week when we were soley on disposables. We still use one disposable at night but that will stop when we toilet train later this year.

My research into that has also proved that I was right for using the real nappies. My son already knows when he has done a pee or number two, he is aware because he can feel it, let me know and he doesn’t sit in it for hours on end. That is the key to good toilet training.

My nappies to date have cost £140 for real ones. That’s it. I’m not a crazy scrimper but it has saved a small fortune. Why the evangelising on real nappies? Well Real Nappy week is coming up and if more people knew just how easy these were then maybe more folks would use them.

Friends have since asked me for real nappy advice, having also felt lost in a sea of nappy options they didn’t understand. They also see how well it fits into our lives and isn’t any different from wasting money on throw-aways.

Oh and nappy rash? What nappy rash?


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