Further to my confusion and subsequent ignorance of the wii fit weighing system, tonight it told me that I have put on more weight since yesterday. Well, I guess an entire 100g bar of vegan chocolate didn’t help but that was consumed earlier today and should that have really registered by 7pm? Post-work out I re-weighed myself and lo! I had lost 2lbs. I officially give up caring about that blooming wii fit weigh in.

My local shop keeper told me that I looked much fitter this week and seem to have lost a lot of weight, so that was a lovely boost for the day. Having only had 5 hours of sleep due to an ill child, it was the boost I needed.

I am now shattered and ready to go read in bed but my husband forgot to take his keys out with him this morning and is at a football match with work. Apparently it is part of his day of ‘meetings’ all of which were held in the pub. I remember those sorts of ‘meetings’. They usually resulted in my being as tired as I am today when in work the next day. All the tired, none of the fun. Good job I love my son more than that sort of fun.

So, I have to wait up for him to return at around 11pm; that is if he does not fall asleep on the tube. I have a few bits of freelance work to complete and some more of Shantaram to get through. I was going to work on some knitting but quite frankly my arms can’t take it after the wii exercises. Besides, anything I do will be punctuated by sick child who needs to recover in time for my first full day of childminding tomorrow.

Although, in discussion with another Mum about the wii fit annoyance, she too has found the same thing; she weighs almost the same as before pregnancy but just looks and feels bigger with wobbly bits. My pouch made an interesting appearance in one of the upside down yoga poses tonight which has helped explain some of this: as I lay flat and raised my legs up in the air my pouch suddenly dropped and the total lack of stomach muscle tautness was there in all its gorey glory. I tried to pull it in but the pouch was having none of it. It was such a bizarre reaction from my body. Let it be known that I will not being doing that pose with my husband in the flat.


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