Little Black Dress

According to my wii fit my weight is yo-yo-ing at the moment. One day I’ve lost 10lbs, the next I’ve gained 7lbs. To be honest, I am too tired to give two hoots at the moment. I have a to do list the length of my arm and hula hooping tonight just took what energy I had left out of me.

I was supposed to be going for a run but after cooking my son’s tea, bathing and bedding him I was officially pooped. I spent all of 20 minutes doing the easiest of exercises on the wii then gave up and made chickpea burgers. They were tasty burgers.

In the battle to understand weight in relation to fitting in my clothes it gets more complicated. On a trip to the doctors last week I saw on my records what my pre-pregnancy weight was; 10 stone 3lbs. That is less than what I weigh now but my body fit into my wardrobe. I had never really paid attention to weight before pregnancy and if it were not for the wii fit, I wouldn’t be right now.

I am failing to understand how it works our how to get rid of my belly pouch either. The run was to kick start training to do some Races for Life and build up a bit of exercise confidence. My boost today was fitting into a beautiful black dress that my husband had bought for me just before I became pregnant. It is a comfortable size 12 and now a good fit to my new body shape.


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