Working Mothers

There is a lot on the news at the moment about working mothers and the rising costs of childcare. Let me be clear here, I cannot afford to go back to work and I cannot afford to pay my rent if I do not work. Childcare, all childcare in London is more than I make in a month and we are entitled to very little at all to make up the difference. In fact, aside from the vouchers, we are entitled to nothing.

So, I had to get creative and you know, I am all the better for it. I am now running two, yes two businesses and bringing up my son. Business number one is childminding for which I am waiting the arrival of my accreditation any day now. This is to pay the rent and bills.

Business number two is to keep my sanity and remind me I have a good career. I have set myself up as freelance. I had toyed with the idea a couple of years ago and never really saw how my job could be made into a freelance business. I couldn’t see how it could be quantified into a paying job that people could understand enough to hire me. Now I have been forced into the position of making it work and by heck, I am making it work.

My first paid project was working for a small, independent label. Normally when I have stepped into these kind of jobs in the past I have felt like a glorified intern and should be learning from the people hiring me. This time, I felt that I had the respect of those doing the hiring and could give them good advice. It felt even better that I was forging a new path for my career and juggling it all with a family.

I may not look like I am a working mother as I am sitting in the park tomorrow enjoying the sun but I am in fact working twice as hard as I have ever done before. The pay off is great though.


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