Painted Face

When I was 8 months’ pregnant and seeing that my favourite type of clothing (black) was suddenly in fashion when there was little point in my investing in any, I took myself down to Carnaby Street for the best pick-me-up I knew; expensive make up.

I am a sucker for nicely packaged make up but I am also a realist that packaging and price do not always make for the best cosmetics. Although, like your wardrobe, a few good pieces that are part of the every day routine can make you feel so much better about yourself.

I really am not the best dressed person nor do I always have pristene hair. In fact, it is often that I only have time to tie it up and wonder when I will get around to doing the roots that look so awful. Nothing makes me feel brighter than freshly dyed and cut hair with some new make up find.

So when I was heavy, feeling bloated and not looking my best at a few weeks’ prior to due date, I waddled into MAC, Cowshed and Benefit and asked for make up that would last through labour. I already used MAC’s liquidlast liner and the artist in the store gave me this wonderful foundation that lasted 36 hours of labour.  I say 36 hours but active labour was only 4 hours 45 minutes and I had a lot of sleep between waters breaking and child arriving but my make up LASTED. It was, quite rightly, the last thing on my mind but that was the case because it was so good. My midwife even asked what make up I’d used as she’d not seen anything stay in place so well.

My eyebrows took a bit of a battering during labour but the Benefit Brow Zings lasted in a different way. So easy and fast to apply, much quicker than faffing with a pencil, I still have most of my kit left a year on and I use this every day without fail.

Make up makes me feel human and I love playing around with it but having noticed those wrinkles starting to appear my skin is becoming more important to take care of as well. I only just started using REN in the past year or so but I wanted to share this video:


I am not really very good at being without my make up but sometimes, having a day off to let my skin just be skin is important. Almost as important as what I put on my naked skin to make it feel as wonderful as it does with make up on.


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