All Change

It has been a hectic week or so with some rather big changes afoot. A week last Wednesday I stepped into the house from my usual morning playgroup and puked. I felt fine and normal up to that point. Not even a sniff of illness around me so it came as a shock to suddenly be crippled my nausea and ensuing vomit.

I held off calling my husband home from work until I really could not cope any more. By which point, he could not get home fast enough. When he did, I hopped off to bed, bucket by my side and water to hand. It was one of the worst stomach bugs I had ever had and it came at the worst time possible.

For Christmas, my husband had bought me a weekend away to Barcelona sans child. Wonderful, glorious sleep awaited me followed by cocktails and dancing. Only, this trip ended up coinciding with our having to move flat. This, too coincided with my stomach bug and while I should have been getting our worldly goods packed into boxes before Barcelona, I instead spent it curled up in a ball unable to hold down water.

So, as my Mother-in-Law wasn’t coming to babysit until Thursday night and my husband couldn’t take the time off work, I had to take charge of our little charge while still ill. As usual, this left no recovery time and what should have been a 24 hour bug lasted out for 3 days. Well into our trip to Spain.

Weekend away slightly tinged with sickness (no drinking or dancing but lots of sleep and walking) and return home marred with a mad panic to shove everything we owned into whatever boxes and bags we could find. Oh yeah and my husband couldn’t take the time off work so it was me and my Mother-in-Law who walked all the mess of the packing across the street to our new home.

Moving with a child is a whole new thing, as is unpacking. It is impossible. Normally I would take a few days off work and the new place would look homely and lovely in no time at all and with plenty of tea breaks in between. This time, we are over a week in and I am fed up of staring at boxes.

On top of this, I have just quit my job. It has been my plan for some time, hence the childminder training, but I have also set myself up as a freelance, virtual assistant. It’s new and exciting. It might not work but I have nothing to lose by trying. Try I will as well.


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