My maternity pay stopped mid-December and until my childminding registration comes through, I am officially not earning anything. I have been applying for all manner of home work and trying to encourage people to let me write copy for their websites, press releases, newsletter. You know, playing to my skills. On Thursday I will start trawling the local pubs looking for evening and weekend work.

I am officially brassic.

It has been many years since I was this poor, since my student days in fact. It is not a nice feeling at all and while I am still a little way away from sleepless nights, I do not like the idea of not being in work. I have worked since I was 15 years old, taking a job as a Saturday girl in a hairdressers. Apart from a month of unemployment at  the age of 21 where temping work dried up, I have been in some manner of employment ever since. So, to not work and not see a way of getting into work while childcare costs so much is very alien to me, indeed.

I have instead started the penny-pinching. No more coffees out, taking a packed lunch and homemade food for myself and the boy, cancelling my TV license for a signal that I do not receive, cutting down on my washing and making the most of our food box.

Really, I should have done this when I found out I was pregnant but as per usual, it only gets done when I am in a position where I am forced to cut back. Although, I feel that once I have cut back, I will not become frivolous with my money once again. It’s time to clear the debt and get my monies in order.

And maybe I’ll win the lottery…


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