This blog has suffered from a little bit of neglect.  First there was Nanowrimo in November, which taught me a lot about my writing, even though I didn’t really have the time to finish my attempt between baby naps and cleaning the house.

Then of course Christmas swept me away in a panic of present-making and preparations. I neglected to finish my son’s Christmas stocking, which will now have to wait until next December, and I neglected to do anything of worth for myself.

It was over this time that I gave up on the dieting, weight-watching and generally neglected my new obsession with returning to my pre-pregnancy body. I started to accept the new marks and curves that had come with having a child, as of course I would rather have him over my size 10 clothes any day.

In doing so, I appreciated my life as it is and started enjoying my current happy situation. I made some life-changing decisions and came up with a solid plan for how I want my life to move on in the next few years. It was liberating. No more did I need to stress and fret about the pocket of under-used muscle and fat around my midriff, how I was to pay rent when my maternity pay finish or if I would ever regain my career. I started to just enjoy the moment.

I stopped calorie-counting and read many stories online about how weight loss didn’t do all the things it was promised to do; make you happy, give you a bigger friendship group, make you more confident and look better in clothes.  Well, I have a happy little family, I am happy. I have a bigger friendship group thanks to all the wonderful people I meet through my son. Confidence doesn’t come from your body shape, it comes from the support of those who love you. And, let’s face it, I could be Kate Moss and I’d never look great in clothes. I am just not that way inclined and I end up most days with unbrushed hair and covered in the baby’s food.

This is not to say I pigged out, stopped caring about my body, ate drank and was merry. Instead, when not checking every day what I was eating and instead enjoying what I was eating, I lost half a stone over Christmas. Half a stone. Then someone bought me a Wii Fit and in fitting my update around my son, I have lost a further 5lbs in the past two weeks. It is starting to show too, I can fit into various clothes that I previously could not. According to my Wii Fit, I should be pre-baby weight the day before his first birthday. Although, I am  not going to worry about it.


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