Skinny Jeans

On Tuesday, while feeling rotten, I cheered myself up by fitting into my skinny jeans. These have not left the wardrobe since I was 4 months pregnant so I am bursting with joy to have them on again. I will say I ‘fit’ them but in actual fact I can drag them on, just about fasten them and then put on a baggy t shirt to hide the muffin top. In fact, muffin top is an understatement but by heck I will wear them.

This is better than the day I fit back into my underwired bras again. A year without underwire did nothing for my comfort and I will never turn my back on the ‘wire again.

My jeans look more like jeggings than the well fit pants they are meant to be however, I can feel my body confidence rising once more. The last weigh-in showed I have lost 4lbs since starting my ‘eat less, exercise more’ diet and I didn’t even celebrate with cake.

I missed this week’s weigh-in due to illness but I shall be walking down to do it tomorrow with my new found energy. Plus my Mother-in-Law will be loaning me her spare wii-fit as of next week. My target is to comfortably fit into my mini-skirt by Christmas. I bought it just before I found out I was pregnant so have barely worn the thing, more reason to get back into it. Besides, by that point I will be able to fit back into my wedding dress and can have a wedding dress party with other married friends. It is really an excuse to wear my dress again because I love it so much.

This is getting slightly ahead of myself now. I will refocus on the getting down to a size 12 first and then start thinking about unearthing more pre-pregnancy clothes.


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