Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I was so nervous about taking the boy on his first flight last week. I am not a good flyer at the best of times let alone with a child in tow and then doing the outward leg without an extra pair of hands, it seemd like a nightmare. To me, it was just set up for disaster and I was simply kicking myself for giving in to my rule of ‘no flights until he can carry his own luggage’.

Oh but how wrong I was; we caught the bus to St Pancras to find the lift to the platform out of service. Some under-the-breath swearing from the staff led to a stern-faced me getting someone to carry my backpack down the escalators while I held tight to the pram.

Thankfully my Bugaboo Bee slid in next to my seat on the train and the boy loved his first train ride; screaming and giggling the entire way to Gatwick. At Gatwick I was again suprised by the endless lazy and rude people who queue jumped me to the lift. I didn’t realise that pulling a trolley bag meant your legs could no longer use escalators. I shall remember that one should I ever have the misfortune to buy such a terrible contraption. (FYI negotiating London since those things have been around has been a death trap for ankles all over).

I smiled with glee as we swanned through a special pram-entrance to security, chortled as my lone-traveller status meant I need not put my pram down, looked glum as the security took away the wonderful bottom butter for being over the limit and then realised as I walked away that it should have been allowed for being baby-related. I then got to board first, take a special exit at the other end and generally be treated like a real human being on a not-so-budget flight.

On the return leg my husband was amazed at how we flounced up to the gate, past the queueing people and onto the plane with no hassle. He was about to complain that we had got to the gate too early and were now to wait for ages. Oh and each way, we had an entire row to ourselves and the little one. It was wonderful.

I only wish I could say the same about the tube journey back home afterwards. Every time I go on the tube I say the same thing: never again.

So thank you Aer Lingus for your wonderful customer care. And thank you to my little one too who distracted me so much on the flight I forgot about my anxieties.


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