Baby Weight

It feels as though all the other new Mums have managed to simply vanish their baby weight where as I am still trying to drag my baggy jeans up over my huge thighs. My own mother says it is all about the scaffolding but I just look like a lumpy bowl of porridge right now.

When I was out with friends the other night a girl walked out of the toilets, skinny and pretty, looking like she owned the room. That used to be me and now I don’t even look like I own my living room. In fact, I don’t. It is rented.

So I went on the scales at Boots to see how much I still needed to lose to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. Those things are not discrete; a loud booming voice telling me to grip the handles to measure my body fat and everyone in the small store looking.

I wanted to cry when I saw the results. I am officially and medically overweight. 11st and 3lbs. Ok so I had a baby but that was how much I weighed about 2 months ago. I cannot believe that the daily hill walks and lifting up 19lbs plus of child around the clock has done no more to help. So, I am doing what I have not done in many years: go on a diet.

I have also set up an exercise regime of running, despite how exhausted I may be when my husband gets in from work. This is at least 2 jogs a week and limiting my calorie intake to 1200. I’ve even got a little tracker app for my new phone to keep it all in check. According to my widget, I should be at target weight by 28 November. We shall see.

Today I am going to attempt to walk from Highgate to Covent Garden, which should burn approximately 400 calories and also it is scorching heat so presumably I’ll sweat a few out too. Size 10 here I come…


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