Stretch Marks

I got pretty bad stretch marks during pregnancy when my son suddenly dropped down one day. I had baisted myself in all anti-stretch mark creams and oils, from neck to knees from the day I found out I was pregnant and really could have saved a small fortune spent in Cowshed and Boots.

So, having taken to calling them ‘life-marks’ on my stomach and upper-thighs, I have done rigorous tests on the reducing stretch mark products. Now, I really wanted to know that what I was spending my hard earned maternity pay on was actually working and that the marks were not simply fading with time, so I only covered one half of my body in them.

Six months on I can confirm that this stuff actually works. Well some of it anyway. I now have a complex anti-stretch mark routine on the go. It seems ironic that my beauty regime has increased ten fold as a result of having a child and my time to do it in has decreased by about the same.

This is what works for me and has reduced the scars to silverly slithers, which I am led to believe is the best I can hope for and that the literature on them disappearing entirely is plain codswallop. I would also like to point out that some of this stuff was freebies from a friend and is way beyond my price range. Yet, when the presents run out, I’ll be saving my lack of pennies to invest in more.

Each morning I scrub the skin down with REN’s Morrocan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish, which I do pre-shower to exfoliate once a week. On a morning I then lather with the lovely REN Monoi and Shea Butter Body Balm, although I suspect this is a discontinued range, more’s the pity. Each night I massage in Organic at Heart’s Night Time Stretch Mark Serum, which is affordable and wonderful.

In fairness, I think that anything with Rose Oil in will work wonders on marks and scars. I did try pure rose oil at one point and it didn’t seem to work quite as well as the Night Time Serum.  The results are so good that I might even brave swimming again or possibly a bikini when the final baby weight has gone.


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