Pram Rage

There is an etiquette for negotiating public transport in London while with a little one. Old people trump prams and pregnant women trump everyone. Yet, if waiting for a bus with a pram there is an unspoken queue of first come, first on the bus. It is fair to say the non-pram pushing world do not have a bus queue in London but most Londoners realise that a clipped ankle can be a bane on anyone’s day.

This morning, while taking my ill 5-month old back home, I watched a number 43 sail past as I was walking to the bus stop and so amused my son for the 10 minute wait for the next one, while leaning against a wall for some back support. When the bus turned up, a woman tried to steam roll me off the bus with her pram and started shouting that she was there first. The waiting passengers then all started shouting at her that I was waiting for longer and an argument ensued.

I quietly pointed out there was space for two prams on the bus so did not understand the problem. At which point I realised there were two of these women and waiting for a pram-free bus in London will take some time. But, I had a sick child so on I hopped and got icy stares from the woman for her entire journey. It was at this point I noticed that her child looked around 3 years old and could have quite easily have gotten out of the pram, sat on a seat and all of us fitted on the bus. There is no counting for sheer laziness and rudeness of some people.

Although I hope that she learnt to not try queue jump a mother with pink hair as folks will notice.


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