Baby Cinema

Yesterday I tried out a new baby cinema in London. Not a new baby cinema but one that I have yet to visit. The Phoenix in East Finchley is an austere £6 for the showing. However, the one small lift to the auditorium left for a queue of buggies and having to leave the film half way through to change a nappy down the stairs was a little inconvenient and meant I missed a critical scene.

There are more capable cinemas of hosting baby cinema but the Phoenix has some great films screened and at an affordable price given how far maternity pay does not stretch.

Yet, compared to the Screen on the Green in Islington, aside from the cost, it pales. There are sofas, proper leg room, you can slide your pram down the seats in front of you, there are low lights and cushions to help making changing easier whilst watching the film and most importantly, they bring coffee and cake to your seat which is all included in the wallet-busting £10 price tag.

However, wherever you go see a baby cinema film you need to be able to block out the screaming babies throughout. Or in my case, will my child to go back to sleep after he has woken himself up with a very audible fart.

We went to see Jane Eyre this week. A wonderfully directed movie; a great adaptation of a book that had been shown to death as a flouncy costume drama on TV along with all the other Bronte novels. The time sequencing kept the story line moving at a rapid pace and the accents of the actors were exactly spot on. It was beautifully filmed, the moors looked as brutal as the story itself and given that most film goers are likely to know the ending in advance, it still evoked emotion.


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